Adam Lambert Designs Jewelry for Charity

Once again, American Idol alum Adam Lambert teamed up with Pennyroyal Silver and designed a new jewelry item. This time it’s a pendant. About the design of his latest creation, his infinity tattoo, the fashionable singer says: “My infinity tattoo really represents what life is like for me at this stage. It is all about energy and the energy I get from my fans. When I am onstage and the fans feed me their enthusiastic energy, I am able to feed off of it and give it right back to them…it’s all about the energy flow.”

Adam Lambert designs jewelry for charity

The necklace is available only until October 31s, proceeds from the sale benefiting Let’s hope it does as well as last year’s creation, which brought $30,000 in just one week! It seems he can always turn to jewelry design if his music career ever crashes.

The singer’s love for original jewelry pieces is well-known. Lambert was photographed several times, during performances and TV appearances, wearing a statement silver creation: a Double Headed Snake Ring.

Adam Lambert's Double-headed Snake RingAdam Lambert's Ring from Moonstone Jewelry

What do you think of the singer’s designer talent and taste in jewelry? But most of all, will you be buying his creation?

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Florence and her Haunted Dress

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine

Remember how beautiful looked Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine at this years’ MTV VMAs? The nude pink chiffon caped dress with drape detailing she wore for her performance was stunning! But this post is not about how beautiful the dress is, but about the fact that the singer thinks it is haunted. That’s right, haunted! When asked about how she came to the conclusion that the dress is haunted, Florence declared in a recent interview:

“We bought it from a vintage store in New York. It was a party dress from the 1930s in the basement, and flood damaged so they weren’t going to sell it, and it was just going to go to rot. But we rescued it and restored it, and when we played at Somerset House it sort of came to life around me as if the dress was fulfilling some sort of past dream. I love clothes that have a history, I’ve always liked pretending to be a character from the past, ever since I was a kid…but now I’m not dressing as a Roman emperor or someone from Little House on the Prairie….well not all the time.”

Very interesting statement and explanation. Well, haunted or not the BodyAmr flowy creation is certainly gorgeous.

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What To Wear Now

The best thing about entering a new season it’s of course the fashion: new trends, new styles, new collections! Lots of new fabulous items to buy. Here are some of the season’s hottest items or better said items you should wear now!

Faux Fur Vests: Hot Fashion Style!

A fabulous faux fur vest. Why? You’ll be able to layer the vest over everything, literally everything: jeans, dresses, and menswear bottoms! It’s definitely a good investment.

Mini Shoulder Bag

Mini Shoulder Bag. Why? It’s cute and versatile! In my opinion it’s this season most stylish women’s accessory. Pair the mini bag with a pair of jeans and a flirty blouse for the perfect fall look.

Sexy Shoes

Sexy Shoes. And since this season there’s nothing sexier than leopard print, I suggest you invest in a pair of gorgeous leopard heels. Pair them with a black pencil skirt or a tailored two piece.

Patterned Chiffon Skirt

Patterned chiffon skirt. So what if the weather got a bit chilly? Show of your legs in an elegant chiffon skirt. You’ll look effortlessly chic if you pair it with a boyfriend blazer and a simple top. Also, you can opt for ruffled or crinkled chiffon.

There you have it: the fashion items of the moment! Like them or not? Share your thoughts.

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French Vogue Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Let’s talk about one of the most spectacular events of Paris Fashion Week S/S 2011, the 90 th Anniversary Party of French Vogue. On the last day of September, everyone who’s someone in the fashion world honored French Vogue at Hotel Pozzo di Borgo.

The celebratory event was in fact a masquerade ball with quite an impressive guest list: Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Tyra Banks, Kate Moss, Karolina Kurkova, Lara Stone, Dita von Teese and many more.

I love the idea of “masquerade ball” and I also loved the fashion! Well, most of it at least. My favorite two ladies were: Alessandra Ambrosio – who was a show stopper in a body hugging, long red satin dress, matching statement necklace and wearing the best looking mask of the evening; and Karolina Kurkova who looked like she was wearing one fierce Zorro costume: love the LBD, the gloves and fabulous shoes!

I’m not a fan of Gisele’s “gift-like” dress although I love her mask-very original. And what was up with Tyra Banks? Her dress is stunning, the black clutch is beautiful, but what’s with the fishnet mask?! Here’s her explanation:  “So FRENCH VOGUE mask is sum cheap FISHNET stockings I got n crazy store n Paris! I cut em up n made it y’all. N did my own hair n makeup.”

Share your thoughts.

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Heidi Klum Says Goodbye to Victoria’s Secret

Heidi Klum Says Goodbye to Victoria's Secret

This is unexpected! After 13 years (wow!) of being one of Victoria’s Secret most loved angels, Heidi Klum decided to part ways with the lingerie giant. Klum not only walked the catwalk but she also hosted Victoria’s Secret events since 2002. Another interesting fact is that she got the famous nickname “The Body” after her first appearance on a VS show. And we all know she lives up to that name!

During Paris Fashion Week, the blonde supermodel made a very emotional statement to the NY Post: “All good things have to come to an end. I will always love Victoria’s Secret. It has been an absolutely amazing time.”

This is sad. Well, I guess the mother of four (can you believe it?!) and wife of Seal decided it was time to spend more time with the family and concentrate on her other multiple side projects. As you know, the now former Angel is also hosting her TV show “Project Runway”, working on a soon-to-be released active wear collection for New Balance and a maternity line for A Pea in the Pod.

Are you going to miss Heidi or you’re thinking “it’s about time she hang up her angel wings”?

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Celebrities Go Glam For Cavalli’s Party

One of the biggest events in the fashion world was undoubtedly Roberto Cavalli’s 40th anniversary party in Paris.  As expected, everything from the location, the 19th-century marble Arco Della Pace, to the celebrities who attended was spectacular. The show was opened by supermodel Natalia Vodianova and closed by the beautiful Laetitia Casta.

Front row at the show was occupied by celebrities such as Maria Grazia Cucinotta , Rachel Bilson, Heidi Klum and Leona Lewis. Let’s take a look at what some of the evening’s best dressed celebrities were wearing at the party:

Leona Lewis in Roberto Cavalli Gown

Leona Lewis was stunning in a captivating Roberto Cavalli coral strapless corseted gown with layers of lace and tulle. In my opinion, she was the star of the evening thanks to this gorgeous dress.

Heid Klum in Golden Cavalli Dress

Heidi Klum looked like a Grecian goddess in a beautiful draped golden gown, of course, by Roberto Cavalli. Love the ponytail hairstyle and the golden necklace she was wearing.

Naomi Campbell's Roberto Cavalli Black Gown

Looking fab and fierce in a long, flowing black gown was Naomi Campbell. I absolutely adore her dress and shoes – statement pieces!

As a bonus, here’s sweetheart Taylor Swift, who stood out from the crowd of long gowns, in a short little black dress. What do you think of Taylor’s sparkling LBD?

Taylor Swift's Short Little Black Dress LBD

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Wacky Fashion: Lobster Lingerie, Dog Shoes and Meat Dresses

I’m going to present you with some unusual fashion items, starting with these wacky lingerie sculptures constructed out of shells, glass and even lobster claws. Take a look at some of Laura Ann Jacobs amazing creations:

Crab Shell BikiniSea Shell Lingerie

Here’s what the artists has to say about the original creations: “I am fascinated by the extent to which we will go in our pursuit of physical perfection. The extent to which fashion takes us, our ‘desire to be desired,’ is worth exploring. We may be getting to the point where what is exciting for a young man may no longer be natural beauty, but man-made beauty.” The designer says about killing the lobster: “It sat in my bathtub for a week and I fed it like a pet every day. Finally, my boyfriend went in there and took care of it.”

Next stop: fun and awesome shoes created by footwear designer Kobi Levi. My favorite pieces are the slingshot, dog and banana shoes. Aren’t these wacky?

Slingshot SandalsDog Head ShoesBanana Slippers

Last but not least, designer Jeremy Scott made meat dresses fashionable. Don’t worry, this time it’s not real meat. Scott recently presented his collection in New York and everyone seems to have loved it. Signage, plastic bags, meat design, underwear purses, cross sunglasses and trash – all were incorporated in the collection. What do you think of his fashion statement?

Crushed Can DressThe Original Meat Dress

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Justin Timberlake talks about new William Rast collection

Justin Timberlake talks about new William Rast collection

As you already know, Justin Timberlake made his debut in the fashion world a few years back when he partnered with his friend Trace Ayala and created their successful line William Rast.

Since the Fall season started and every one with a name in the fashion industry is launching a collection, JT and his partner are also promoting their latest WR collection. Asked what they think will be this season’s fashion hit, the duo answered: Boyfriend jeans! Here’s what Justin says about the new line:

“I feel… the resurgence of comfort this fall, so something like a boyfriend jean feels right because you take the skinny jeans as far as you can go. Finally, you are like how in the world did you get into those! And then come the baggy trends… So I feel sort of the resurgence of the middle, which is relaxed.”

He might be on to something. Lately I’ve seen lots of celebrities rocking the boyfriend jeans. Just think about how many times Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba were photographed wearing the baggy boyfriend jeans.

The duo also created eyewear and footwear and here’s what they say about it: “It was just a basic extension of our line. We took the bohemian style of our line and created eyewear and footwear.”

Of course Justin is more than pleased with the collection: “The more you get into the thick of design, you find you stick to your own DNA, you find that our brand is a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. We sort of infused that into everything that we design, whether it is foot wear or eye wear you know any extension that we might continue to move into in the future.”

What do you think about the new WR line? Will you be wearing it this season?

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People Names Their Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities

America’s most famous magazine, People, has recently named their top 10 Best Dressed Female celebrities of the year. Not only that, each fashionable celebrity who made the list got a cute and creative title. Take a look at the list to see which Hollywood lady is always well dressed according to the magazine:

Zoe Saldana – The Red Carpet Queen
Gwen Stefani – The Hip Mom
Rihanna – The Daring Diva
Diane Kruger – The Runway Renegade
Lea Michele – The Newbie
Olivia Palermo – The Uptown Girl
Jessica Alba – The Mix Master
Jennifer Aniston – The American Classic
Rachel Bilson – The Denim Darling
Kate Middleton – The Princess in Waiting.

The titles perfectly match the ladies, don’t you think?

I love the list and mostly agree with it: these ladies always wow on the red carpet and this year hasn’t been an exception. Still, I’m not a huge fan of Lea Michele’s style and I would have loved to see Charlize Theron on the list. Other than that, even before reading the list I was expecting to see the names of Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Aniston or Rachel Bilson.

In related news, People magazine also named their top 10 worst dressed celebrities of the year.

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Louboutin names shoe after Blake Lively

Quite the busy lady these days (one magazine cover after another, TV show appearances, one movie premiere and filming for Gossip Girl), Blake Lively was looking absolutely stunning as she attended the premiere of her new movie “The Town” where she stars alongside Ben Affleck. Let’s take a look at what she wore for the premiere. First, she wore a super sexy red dress paired with red heels for the movie’s premiere in Toronto and then in Boston she was chic in black.

But her busy schedule is not all that’s impressive. It seems that these days, everybody, from fans to biggest names in fashion, love the Gossip Girl actress. Joining Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin is the latest to have fallen in love with the gorgeous blonde.

The famous shoe designer met Blake while she was in Paris and even gave her a tour of the city on his scooter! But here comes the best part: after visiting the designer’s atelier, the actress received another great surprise: Louboutin named one of his creations after her!

Ecstatic about The Blake (the name of the shoe), Lively declared “That was insane; it’s like my greatest accomplishment.” Great accomplishment in deed, don’t you think so?

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