Victoria Beckham: Net-a-Porter Stylish

She’s known for her flawless fashion sense and the 10th Birthday party for Net-a-Porter was just another occasion for Victoria Beckham to look fabulous from head to toe.

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Madonna’s New Dolce & Gabbana Ads

Personally, I love the ads – I find them very creative and glam and the clothes are so elegant and beautiful – can’t take my eyes of them. Madonna, as usual looks pretty much flawless posing for the camera while playing with a cute baby or surrounded by hot young males and…chickens.

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Victoria’s Secret Announces Halloween Collection

According to Nylon Victoria’s Secret has announced that starting this Fall, a small collection of Halloween sexy lingerie and costumes will be launched. The launch of Victoria’s Secret small range of get-ups is another reason for everyone to look forward to celebrating the popular ghoulish holiday.

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Berlin Fashion Week: Old, Bald and Bearded

It’s fashion week and everybody’s expecting to see crazy catwalk looks and outrageous ensembles. Still, designer Patrick Mohr managed to go beyond weird and presented the strangest looking collection presented at the Haute Couture week.

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Jessica Alba: Fabulous at Paris Fashion Week

Jessica Alba is one of the regulars on my “best dressed celebrities” list. I love both her casual styles, the one she’s always sporting when photographed by the paparazzi, but also her red carpet outfits which are always amazing!

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