Justin Timberlake talks about new William Rast collection

Justin Timberlake talks about new William Rast collection

As you already know, Justin Timberlake made his debut in the fashion world a few years back when he partnered with his friend Trace Ayala and created their successful line William Rast.

Since the Fall season started and every one with a name in the fashion industry is launching a collection, JT and his partner are also promoting their latest WR collection. Asked what they think will be this season’s fashion hit, the duo answered: Boyfriend jeans! Here’s what Justin says about the new line:

“I feel… the resurgence of comfort this fall, so something like a boyfriend jean feels right because you take the skinny jeans as far as you can go. Finally, you are like how in the world did you get into those! And then come the baggy trends… So I feel sort of the resurgence of the middle, which is relaxed.”

He might be on to something. Lately I’ve seen lots of celebrities rocking the boyfriend jeans. Just think about how many times Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba were photographed wearing the baggy boyfriend jeans.

The duo also created eyewear and footwear and here’s what they say about it: “It was just a basic extension of our line. We took the bohemian style of our line and created eyewear and footwear.”

Of course Justin is more than pleased with the collection: “The more you get into the thick of design, you find you stick to your own DNA, you find that our brand is a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. We sort of infused that into everything that we design, whether it is foot wear or eye wear you know any extension that we might continue to move into in the future.”

What do you think about the new WR line? Will you be wearing it this season?

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