Louboutin names shoe after Blake Lively

Quite the busy lady these days (one magazine cover after another, TV show appearances, one movie premiere and filming for Gossip Girl), Blake Lively was looking absolutely stunning as she attended the premiere of her new movie “The Town” where she stars alongside Ben Affleck. Let’s take a look at what she wore for the premiere. First, she wore a super sexy red dress paired with red heels for the movie’s premiere in Toronto and then in Boston she was chic in black.

But her busy schedule is not all that’s impressive. It seems that these days, everybody, from fans to biggest names in fashion, love the Gossip Girl actress. Joining Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin is the latest to have fallen in love with the gorgeous blonde.

The famous shoe designer met Blake while she was in Paris and even gave her a tour of the city on his scooter! But here comes the best part: after visiting the designer’s atelier, the actress received another great surprise: Louboutin named one of his creations after her!

Ecstatic about The Blake (the name of the shoe), Lively declared “That was insane; it’s like my greatest accomplishment.” Great accomplishment in deed, don’t you think so?

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