Adam Lambert Designs Jewelry for Charity

Once again, American Idol alum Adam Lambert teamed up with Pennyroyal Silver and designed a new jewelry item. This time it’s a pendant. About the design of his latest creation, his infinity tattoo, the fashionable singer says: “My infinity tattoo really represents what life is like for me at this stage. It is all about energy and the energy I get from my fans. When I am onstage and the fans feed me their enthusiastic energy, I am able to feed off of it and give it right back to them…it’s all about the energy flow.”

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Florence and her Haunted Dress

Remember how beautiful looked Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine at this years’ MTV VMAs? The nude pink chiffon caped dress with drape detailing she wore for her performance was stunning! But this post is not about how beautiful the dress is, but about the fact that the singer thinks it is haunted. That’s right, haunted!

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What To Wear Now

The best thing about entering a new season it’s of course the fashion: new trends, new styles, new collections! Lots of new fabulous items to buy. Here are some of the season’s hottest items or better said items you should wear now!

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French Vogue Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Let’s talk about one of the most spectacular events of Paris Fashion Week S/S 2011, the 90 th Anniversary Party of French Vogue. On the last day of September, everyone who’s someone in the fashion world honored French Vogue at Hotel Pozzo di Borgo.

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Heidi Klum Says Goodbye to Victoria’s Secret

This is unexpected! After 13 years (wow!) of being one of Victoria’s Secret most loved angels, Heidi Klum decided to part ways with the lingerie giant. Klum not only walked the catwalk but she also hosted Victoria’s Secret events since 2002. Another interesting fact is that she got the famous nickname “The Body” after her first appearance on a VS show. And we all know she lives up to that name!

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Celebrities Go Glam For Cavalli’s Party

One of the biggest events in the fashion world was undoubtedly Roberto Cavalli’s 40th anniversary party in Paris. As expected, everything from the location, the 19th-century marble Arco Della Pace, to the celebrities who attended was spectacular. The show was opened by supermodel Natalia Vodianova and closed by the beautiful Laetitia Casta.

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Wacky Fashion: Lobster Lingerie, Dog Shoes and Meat Dresses

Here’s what the artists has to say about the original creations: “I am fascinated by the extent to which we will go in our pursuit of physical perfection. The extent to which fashion takes us, our ‘desire to be desired,’ is worth exploring. We may be getting to the point where what is exciting for a young man may no longer be natural beauty, but man-made beauty.” The designer says about killing the lobster: “It sat in my bathtub for a week and I fed it like a pet every day. Finally, my boyfriend went in there and took care of it.”

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