Florence and her Haunted Dress

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine

Remember how beautiful looked Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine at this years’ MTV VMAs? The nude pink chiffon caped dress with drape detailing she wore for her performance was stunning! But this post is not about how beautiful the dress is, but about the fact that the singer thinks it is haunted. That’s right, haunted! When asked about how she came to the conclusion that the dress is haunted, Florence declared in a recent interview:

“We bought it from a vintage store in New York. It was a party dress from the 1930s in the basement, and flood damaged so they weren’t going to sell it, and it was just going to go to rot. But we rescued it and restored it, and when we played at Somerset House it sort of came to life around me as if the dress was fulfilling some sort of past dream. I love clothes that have a history, I’ve always liked pretending to be a character from the past, ever since I was a kid…but now I’m not dressing as a Roman emperor or someone from Little House on the Prairie….well not all the time.”

Very interesting statement and explanation. Well, haunted or not the BodyAmr flowy creation is certainly gorgeous.

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