Wacky Fashion: Lobster Lingerie, Dog Shoes and Meat Dresses

I’m going to present you with some unusual fashion items, starting with these wacky lingerie sculptures constructed out of shells, glass and even lobster claws. Take a look at some of Laura Ann Jacobs amazing creations:

Crab Shell BikiniSea Shell Lingerie

Here’s what the artists has to say about the original creations: “I am fascinated by the extent to which we will go in our pursuit of physical perfection. The extent to which fashion takes us, our ‘desire to be desired,’ is worth exploring. We may be getting to the point where what is exciting for a young man may no longer be natural beauty, but man-made beauty.” The designer says about killing the lobster: “It sat in my bathtub for a week and I fed it like a pet every day. Finally, my boyfriend went in there and took care of it.”

Next stop: fun and awesome shoes created by footwear designer Kobi Levi. My favorite pieces are the slingshot, dog and banana shoes. Aren’t these wacky?

Slingshot SandalsDog Head ShoesBanana Slippers

Last but not least, designer Jeremy Scott made meat dresses fashionable. Don’t worry, this time it’s not real meat. Scott recently presented his collection in New York and everyone seems to have loved it. Signage, plastic bags, meat design, underwear purses, cross sunglasses and trash – all were incorporated in the collection. What do you think of his fashion statement?

Crushed Can DressThe Original Meat Dress

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  1. these are really weird but wonderful at the same time xx

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