Wacky Fashion: Lobster Lingerie, Dog Shoes and Meat Dresses

Here’s what the artists has to say about the original creations: “I am fascinated by the extent to which we will go in our pursuit of physical perfection. The extent to which fashion takes us, our ‘desire to be desired,’ is worth exploring. We may be getting to the point where what is exciting for a young man may no longer be natural beauty, but man-made beauty.” The designer says about killing the lobster: “It sat in my bathtub for a week and I fed it like a pet every day. Finally, my boyfriend went in there and took care of it.”

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Hospital Gowns Get a Makeover

That’s right, hospital gowns are now fashionable items! The patients who check in to the Cleveland Clinic will be wearing hospital gowns designed by none other than Diane von Furstenberg! How amazing is that?!

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Fall 2010: Shoe Trends

Ankle socks. I have mixed feelings about this trend. While I think they look super cute-when worn by someone else- I don’t think I’m going to be wearing ankle socks with my favorite shoes anytime soon. But if you are interested, for fall 2010 it’s fashionable to pair ankle socks with anything from high heeled sandals to oxford shoes.

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Fall 2010 Fashion Trends

With just one month of summer left it’s time to prepare for the upcoming season: autumn. Read on to see what you should buy and what items you get to keep in order to stay fashionable for fall.

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Coming Soon: Mad Men Nail Polish

Gossip Girl fans got their Gossip Girl Nail Polish Line, now it’s time for Mad Men fans to enjoy a nail polish line named after their favorite TV show. The announcement came shortly after the launch of the new QVC Mad Men Collection which I have to say I’m not a fan of.

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Sophia Bush Expresses Her Outrage Over “Eat Less” T-shirt

Back in June, Urban Outfitters released a T-shirt with a very controversial message printed on its front: “Eat Less”, just as seen in the above image. As expected the controversial T-shirt received (well-deserved!) lots and lots of criticism and of course was pulled from their online store. Why would someone design such a T-shirt? Or worst – manufacture it?! Is it supposed to be funny in any way?

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Victoria’s Secret Announces Halloween Collection

According to Nylon Victoria’s Secret has announced that starting this Fall, a small collection of Halloween sexy lingerie and costumes will be launched. The launch of Victoria’s Secret small range of get-ups is another reason for everyone to look forward to celebrating the popular ghoulish holiday.

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Sephora’s New Minx Nail Prints

This is something I was really looking forward. After months of admiring Rihanna and Beyonce’s Minx nails I can finally get my own! Sephora has just launched eight limited edition patterns for those who want to try on something quirky and different than the typical nail polish. The timing could not have been better: just in time for the summer!

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What To Wear Now: 1940s Tap Shorts

OK, so a couple of days ago I was doing my regular shopping session when I came across a fabulous pair of 1940s silk tap shorts. I loved those shorts from the moment I set my eyes on them. So I tried them on, loved them even more and bought a pair!

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Summer Fashion Trends 2010 Sandals

Summer’s just around the corner so it’s time to go sandals shopping! You’ll need a few different types of sandals to take you from morning to night.

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